Authentic Organic Cotton

Authentic Organic Cotton

We have Started the Project in Salem Tamil Nadu with 3000 farmers Non GMO(Non BT) seeds and original.Going to tie up with major retail brand fair trade organic also available .

Anandi Enterprises Tirupur is implementing authentic organic cotton project in the districts of Salem, Namakkal, Erode & Thiruvannamalai, & the details are furnished below…

Benefits of Organic Cotton

Organic cotton shows great benefits at various levels of the value chain.Farmers, traders, retailers and consumers all benefit from the economic, social and ecological advantages of organic cotton projects.



Details of Our Organic Project:

We are working on ICS basis, as per the Organic Certification norms, in four Districts namely Salem, Namakkal, Tiruvannamalai and Erode.

Staff Patterns:

  • We are having a Retired joint Director of Agriculture from the State Government Agriculture Department to lead the staff & the project.
  • We have one permanent field staff for each ICS, besides required village scribes.
  • The Number of field staff and village scribes will be increased based on requirements.


District wise Details:

S.NoName of DistrictNo. of Farmers   Area in Hector

Total Farmers: 3004

Total area Coverage: 1956 Ha

This is for the year 2014-2015, 2015 – 2016 and 2016-2017

Area Projection of 2017-2018:

Surabi                        –           1956 Ha

Suvin             –           100 Ha

Total  –           2056 Ha

Year wise Production Details

YearPer Hectare yield In MT.          Seed Cotton Production in MT. Lint Production In MT.
2014 – 20151.252,445 815
2015 – 20161.402,738  913
2016 – 2017 Projection1.603,1301,043
2017 – 2018 Projection Surabi + Suvin2.04,1121,370

 Methodologies for the Project Implementation

  • Class Room Training to the farmers.
  • Field Training to farmers.
  • Visit to problem fields by Experts.
  • Laying out field Demonstrations.
  • Conducting skill demonstrations.
  • Distribution of printed leaflets to the farmers.
  • Training the field staff.
  • Involving the Specialists from Department of Agriculture and Agriculture University for various training to farmers & staff.



Every year we are procuring seed cotton from the project farmers at competitive price.

In the years to come procurement will be intensified for the benefit of the farmers and the project.

Our Other Activities:

RECCA Program

Anandi Enterprises has already created a Brand, RECCA for the recycled cotton & Yarn.

This is the first unit in South India, approved by Control Union, Netherlands.

BCI Program

We are implementing BCI Program in Warangal District of Telangana State for the 3rd year covering 7000 farmers.


Anandi Enterprises is committed for the benefit of all in the cotton sector from producer to consumer by way of implementing organic cotton projects, with utmost commitment and dedication.

This is the first year of the project


Number of Farmers





Area in ha





Variety Sown Surabi variety cotton

Certified seeds of reputed seed producers have been used by the farmers & crops raised under irrigated condition

Sowing time : March 2015

Probably harvest time : August 2015

Expected yield: Minimum of 15 quiantals / Ha

Certification body: control union

Total expected production in the project area

1956 ha * 15 QTI : 29340 QTI (or) 3000 QTS (Or) 3000-M-T of seed cotton – (Or) 1000_M.T of lint

Methodologies for the project implementation

  • Class room trainings to farmers
  • Field training to farmers
  • Visit to problem fields by Experts
  • Laying out field demonstrations
  • Conducting skill demonstrations
  • Making the farmers to use bio inputs for soil health and plant protection
  • Distribution of printed leaflets